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What does the green arrow mean on snapchat?

SnapChat is a messaging app that allows the user to share messages, photos, videos, and sketches or drawing with their family and friends. It is one of a unique app for Android users, it enables you to share drawings and pictures with friends that vanishes in a span of few seconds, therefore, there is no chance to get them on your phone. Unlike other applications, SnapChat is totally free of cost. It can be easily downloaded on any platform: Android, Blackberry, Windows phone, or iPhone.

snapchat green arrow

SnapChat is an application that updates itself regularly. There are new features added to it day after day. Therefore, it becomes difficult for Novices to understand them. Well, if you remember that green arrow that users have started to notice recently in SnapChat has become a big question for debate between teenagers and youth around.

Some people try to debate on it saying, it is a symbol showing that the person has seen the picture you have shared with them, whereas, few of them argue that it is a sign that the person is online. Certainly, these arguments are totally incorrect.

Actually, the green arrow that you all are noticing in SnapChat these days is a sign telling you that the picture or drawing you have shared with the person has taken a screenshot of it.

Yes, there are friends who love your drawing and video you have shared, thus, they have taken a screenshot. This is just to tell you that your drawings are liked by the person. It helps you to grow and inspires you to share more pictures or photos with friends and family.

So, you know that the picture or video you are sending cannot stay for a longer duration on others mobile phone, thus, the screenshot is the only option left. Therefore, SnapChat has improved the application by launching new features. Isn’t this cool?

For people who don’t know how to take screenshot, please follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Open SnapChat and wait for a good video or picture.

Step 2 – As soon as you get the desired one just hold the home and power button together.

Step 3 – This will allow you to capture the picture for a longer duration in your phone.

Final Words

SnapChat is an awesome application that has become hugely popular in a very short duration of time, especially between youngsters. SnapChat is taking out new variation day after day. We will be discussing every feature of SnapChat to make you understand it easily.

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