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Troubleshooting Videoder

Videoder is a pretty simple app that can serve you a lot when it comes to downloading videos in HD, getting mp3 files out of videos or even for reliable browsing.right from its arrival in the markets, the app has seen considerable welcome on the internet. And even though it might not be as popular ar TubeMate or Vidmate, it is still pretty amazing and it is definitely catching up with the competition’s popularity ratings.


That said, Videoder can sometimes give you trouble. Just like any other app, this one’s known to be a bit buggy one time or the other. It can occasionally refuse to work, get slow or develop some other snag. But it’s nothing you cannot fix with ease. Here’s what to do in case you find yourself trapped with a snag in Videoder.

Videoder APK-0

  1. Videoder won’t launch
    This is likely to be because of faulty installation. Videoder failing to launch indicates that when you installed the app originally, some process didn’t get completed properly. Try clearing the cache or reinstall the app itself.
  2. Videoder doesn’t show on the screen properly
    Often, when you unmount and remount the SD card in some devices, the apps can misbehave. They can show greyed-out icons, or other weird symbols on the home screen where the app’s icon used to be. This can be cured by two methods. Reboot your phone. This will make your device read the icons’ source again and trace it successfully to the SD card. This will work provided you haven’t formatted the SD card or deleted the app’s files and folders while the card was out. Alternatively, reinstall the app via the apk file.
  3. The videos downloaded don’t run properly
    Check if your media player app supports the format you downloaded the video content in. This can also occur if your internet connection got interrupted. Unfinished downloads, improperly downloaded files or other similar issues can prevent the video from displaying properly. The parent content could also be at fault here. Try getting the content from other sources.
  4. Downloads on Videoder get interrupted or collapse
    The internet connection is at fault in this case in most cases I’ve seen. Some content may not be available in your country. The other issue that could be causing this could be insufficient memory. If there isn’t sufficient memory at your disposal, you could try switching your default storage location. Or delete some old stuff you no longer need.
  5. MP3 download isn’t active
    Many websites like Vimeo don’t support direct audio download. Other sites that do this include dailymotion and Facebook. But most other websites let you download the files as audio also. If that is not the case, it could be because of the uploader or owner of the content who has restricted the availability of the content by country, type or other parameter. This could be causing the error here. You could try a different website or getting a different version of the same content if you’re looking for songs.

These 5 are the most frequently asked questions on the app. These problems are reported sparsely but they can still be problematic. I hope this helps you solve the issues and have a lovely time downloading videos and TV shows for free!